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Our services

We help organizations in the private, public and social sectors make the changes that matter. We have always helped our clients determine and determine the direction to their most important goals. Today we go further: working together to turn these ambitious goals into reality.

We work with our customers to transform their organizations in the most important ways for them. This means embedding digital technology, analytics and design in core processes and settings; creating opportunities that help organizations and people flourish in an ever-changing environment; and improving performance to ensure fast and sustainable conversion of actions into results.

We offer services

on energy:


substation installation

overhead power lines

cable power lines

by communication:


building dispatch systems

laying of communication channels

wireless networks

fiber optic backbones

repeater installation



market analysis

business consultation

construction estimate

logistics consulting

as well as Kip automation.

Instrumentation (Kip automation) - a device for obtaining information about the state of technological processes by measuring their parameters (temperatures, pressures, flow rates, levels).

Instrumentation includes primary instruments and transducers.

Primary devices can be indicating, signaling, self-recording and with the remote transmission of readings at a distance (to the secondary device).

Measuring transducers include sensors and transducers that work in conjunction with secondary or control devices.

Secondary devices - devices that receive signals from the primary device or transmitting measuring transducer and convert it into a form convenient for the reception of information by the dispatcher and maintenance personnel. They can be indicating, recording (recording, printing) and combined. Secondary devices are installed on boards and in cabinets in places least affected by vibration and electromagnetic fields.

Instrumentation and automation equipment (Instrumentation and automation) - are a combination of technical means, including:

- measuring;

- automation equipment for industry intended for the perception, transformation and use of information for control, regulation and management.

They also include:

- aggregate measurement systems;

- regulation of heat, electric power and mechanical quantities, chemical composition and physical properties of gases, liquids and solids;

- secondary appliances;

- indicators;

- regulators;

- adjusters;

- executive mechanisms;

- relay contact devices;

- functional and logical electronic devices;

- power sources.